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MeowMidi2Mp3 is an easy-to-use tool to convert Midi to Mp3, Midi to Wav, Midi to ogg
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2 February 2012

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This is a tool that will convert MIDI tracks to the most popular MP3 format. It has the capability to convert to WAV and Ogg as well.

MeowMidi2Mp3 is an easy-to-use tool to convert MIDI format music tracks to the most common MP3 format. It is capable of converting to WAV and OGG also. The conversion can be done at 15 different bitrate. You could choose one depending on your fidelity requirements. Higher the bit rate better the track will sound. The tool also allows you to change the rate of the output (3 rates available). You could select the number of channels in the output. The options are a single channels or dual channel stereo output. Synthesized track are usually in SF2 or the Sound font 2 format. This tool can handle these synthesized tracks in SF2 and make another dimension to your MIDI sound available.

If you wanted to use the tool simply as a MIDI reader that is possible too. It can also read Karaoke files with lyrics. The interface is quite intuitive and simple to use. No particular skill will be required of the user as long as he/she knows how to use the computer. It is actually almost bare-bones. This is a batch processor and thus can save you from a lot of hassle with a bunch of files. You create a batch list in the main interface area and make sure by looking at the file path etc. displayed. There’s a progress indicator. An event log would have been useful of course. But then this is a free tool! This is a good product, has useful features and could be handy in the areas mentioned above. Software available in English or French.

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MeowMidi2Mp3 is an easy-to-use tool to convert:
- Midi to Mp3 at 15 different bitrates.
- Midi to Wav.
- Midi to Ogg.
It allows to change the rate of the output (3 rates available) and the number of channels (mono or stereo). Unlike most of its competitors, you can load SF2 files in the software to give another sound to your midis. It is also possible to read karaoke files with the lyrics and read midi files, since this software is also a midi reader.
The software is very easy to use.
English and French.
Probably the best at this price ! (free)
Give it a try now!
Version 1.01
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